Daughters of Man: Prize Match

Sabine is going to another world to find her mate because she is one of the few on her world that has wings. Since she has these wings, males on Sakk will fight to win her. Only a master-general or a general will be her mate and he will also be twice her age of twenty-two if she is lucky; if not, she could be mated to a male three times her age. Sabine, like all her people, has feathers from her head to her genitals. Unbeknown to her, her wings are sexually responsive to a person touch and only her mate will touch her there. Two men fight over her and lucky for her both are in their prime. Sahtahn has won the fight and will be Sabine's mate is she agrees to it. Sahtahn and Sabine get to know each other and decide they will be mates after checking their body responses to each other.

The author has written a lovely story that is only thirty-one pages long but you will wish that it went on longer to see if Sabine and Sahtahn made the right decision to marry. It is a well-visualized world that the story is set in and the characters' have a mind of their own.

Book Blurb for Daughters of Man: Prize Match

31 Pages

Sabine has come to Sakk, a winged female, a prize match. Her mate will be an older male, a general or master general. She has no choice in that. The only power she has is to refuse an abusive mate.

Sahtahn has no intention of fighting to approach the prize match, but when Sabine is attacked on her way to the riser, he changes his mind. She's not the cold woman he'd believed her. She's a frightened young woman in need of a gentle hand. If she accepts his advances, he will have the greatest prize imaginable. 

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 4.00