Danger's Kiss

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Danger's Kiss

Desir‚e, a thief, wants revenge on Nicholas because he killed the guy, Hubert that bought her from her parents and trained her as a thief. Hubert did not make her be a whore for money like some others who would make her a whore. He also kept her safe until he swung from the gallows. Nicholas is the shire-reeve, of Kent. It is his job to hang murders and other criminals. Desir‚e sneaks into Nicholas's house and is about to stab him when a cat scares her. Nicholas, however, is woken up by the noise and stops her from stabbing him. Nicholas made a promise to Hubert that he would keep his granddaughter, Desir‚e, safe and well cared for in his house. Will they be friends/lovers or will Desir‚e still want to kill him?

This is an Ok read but I had some problems with the relationship. It seemed weird that a cop and a criminal would fall in love after a cop kills some one in the criminals family. The ending also was really out there and not something that would be part of the time period. There was buildup in the story to cause excitement for the reader but no follow through; something is off. It just doesn't work for me but it may work for someone else.

Book Blurb for Danger's Kiss

A trained thief, Desiree of Canterbury can wriggle out of any tight spot with a coy smile...until she meets her match in Nicholas Grimshaw, the most feared lawman in the shire.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 2.75