Cursed Laird

Book three in the Cursed MacKinnons series.

The author has created a tale that will keep you interested to the very end. Characters are likable and intelligent. It is a captivating romance.

This story is not a stand-alone. It's book three in a series. You need to read other stories in the series to get background information on the story that is missing in the book. However, with that being said you are offered mostly new characters in this book.

Some background information first; Caledonia and her husband at the time, Kip, own a salvage company that went after buried treasure. Caledonia always had an instinct where the treasure was buried. But Caledonia split from Kip after he changed from a nice man who was happy searching for buried treasure to a man who just wanted the money from it. Caledonia starts her own salvage crew with her friends Percy and his twin brother Abel. They have known each other since they were tots.

The story starts with Caledonia trying to dive to the bottom of Loch Tay in Scotland but she decides to give up before reaching there. Something is calling to her at the bottom of the loch. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watch by a man. Kip shows his face in Loch Tay the following morning; he and Caledonia get into a fight. During that same night she is reading the poem she found as a kid talking of buried treasure in the lake and hears a spectral voice saying, "Find him." Caledonia goes to the bottom with her diving buddy Percy and they find a statue of a man at the bottom. They bring it up and put it in her family's shed. Caledonia wishes that the statue could be real and goes to bed. She is woken up by a ghost telling her how to break a curse that has been put on the statue. The next morning Caledonia goes to the statue and says the anti-curse words; that night the statue broke apart and revealed a man named Struan, a man from the eighteenth century. Caledonia teaches Struan how to live in this century and teaches him to dive since he likes the water. Both of them try to go to his brother's castle except there are challenges along the way there.

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Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 3.50