Close Contact

Book 3 in the Protective Affairs series.

Geneva is a latent witch who knows when a spell is being cast on her. She feels one on her so she decides to go ask the “protectorate” witch what is going on with it and who did it to her. As she walks down the hall, she feels ill with stomach cramps that force her to stop walking. She gets to the witch’s office and her boss is called in to check on her. He comes in with three other men who were also in his office. One of the men goes over to Geneva picks her up and starts kissing her shoulder. His name is Evan and he is the leader of the local werewolf pack and he thinks Geneva is his mate. These two have a fight on their hands as Evan tries to dominate Geneva, but she will not let him. However, they must find out who put the spell on Geneva and how to get rid of it.

Rebecca Airies successfully tells a werewolf romance that has bite. The characters are intelligent and sassy. The struggle between the two main characters makes this a fun and satisfying read. Also, this is one of those book that will have you flipping the pages.

Book Blurb for Close Contact

Geneva’s having a bad day. With a spell put on her by an angry witch, the last thing she needs is a werewolf claiming she’s his mate—even if he is gorgeous and she can’t get enough of his kisses.

Evan’s happy to have found his mate; even the spell keeping them within close proximity to each other doesn’t bother him. He’s more than eager to stay near her sweet body and satisfy his craving for her, but her protection is his first priority.

However, the witch isn’t satisfied with the results of the spell. Geneva and Evan have to stop additional attacks before they lose their chance to be together.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.75