Centurion's Honor

Book one in the Imperial Desires series.

The land of Siga in Egypt has been taken over by Rome. The Queen of the country, Anan, had marry a Roman she did not love to keep her control over her land. Anan's husband did not come to her marriage bed except on the wedding night. He instead pased his time with a lover who bore him a son, and that took over the kingdom except for the small part of land that Anan made her home on; she and her slaves farm, raise horses and other things. Two centurions, Cassius and Titus, have come to look after her and find out if she is the spy her stepson claims her to be in the land. Things, however, change because Anan, Cassius and Titus are attracted to each other. They go to bed with each other and start an affair. There is a mystery to solve because someone is trying to get rid of Anan.

This tale is developed fully and you are not left with any unanswered questions. The author has created characters you will want to read about to the very end. The book setting is wonderfully created and some history of the Roman Empire is there too.

Pairings: m/m, m/f/m

Book Blurb for Centurion's Honor

Daughter of the conquered ruler of Siga, forced to submit to Roman rule over her homeland, Anan Septinius has nothing but contempt for the Romans who now occupy her land and her home. Until she comes face-to-face with two centurions who stir her like no other.

After surviving a nearly career-ending scandal, centurions Cassius and Titus are relegated to a remote post in the barbaric land of Siga to serve as personal guard to Anan Septinius. Dreading the menial task of guarding some foreign queen, they arrive anticipating a bitter, old widow but Anan is not at all what they’d expected. They’re greeted by a woman who is as beautiful as she is intelligent, whose loathing for them is only rivaled by the long-denied desires burning in her gaze whenever she looks their way.

They are bitter enemies, but in a harsh land a forbidden passion flares between the trio, one that has the power to heal their ravaged souls if it doesn’t destroy them first. 

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.75