Catch of the Day


Claudia has rented a house or condo on the Mediterranean Sea to get away from winter in her hometown. She invited her friends to come along however they could not get away so she is alone on the beach in front of her rented residence topless sunbathing. Claudia is also doing some soul searching about life because she gave her jerk of an ex-boyfriend the boot after being in the relationship for 2 years. She does not mind being alone but she is not alone as she walking taking a long walk around her beach she sees a naked man in the sea. Claudia is freaked out since she wore few clothes to the beach yet she is attractive to the gorgeous man on the beach who she says is all 3 T's: tall, toned, and tanned. His name is Talas and he has a secret; will Claudia find out the secret?

This is a great erotica/fantasy page-turner. The story is only 50 pages and it moves along fast because you want to find out more about the characters specially Talas.

Book Blurb for Catch of the Day

"There's more fish in the sea." If Claudia had a dime for every time she'd heard those words since the breakup with her boyfriend she'd be rich. Seeking rest and relaxation at a private beachfront property in the Mediterranean, Claudia settles into sweet solitude only to stumble upon the mystical, sea-bound Talas. With his hard sun-kissed body, bleached-blond hair and eye-catching aquamarine choker, this sexy stud from the sea learns super-fast how to supply Claudia with staggering quantities of the best kind of R&R — Romance and Release.

Reeling him in is easy, but after Talas' identity is revealed, will Claudia have to cut him loose, left with only the memory of the one that got away?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00