Bound by Law

Tales of the Citadel, #6

This sweet romance tale is packed with emotions. It is sad in the beginning, but when the main characters meet it turns into magic. The dialogue sparks, the pacing of the story picks up and there are some funny parts. On the other hand, there are some parts in here that might make you squeamish to read, but it is not too bad. The conflict between the main character and her world is a long standing one, which hopefully the Citadel’s people bring to an end.

After having to choose between showing off her talent for flying or death, Colah is taken into custody on her home world. She is put in a dome with other physical talents and left to defend her body in it. Lucky for her, her niece has written a letter to the Sector Guard who then turns the letter over to the Citadel. They send Ysyr, a Kalordan, who comes to rescue her. This starts a special time for both of them.

Book Blurb for Bound by Law

Physical talents are illegal on Resicor, they fear an uprising and so lock their active talents away.

Col knows her talent for flight can get her arrested and if she dares to show it in public, her life will end in the dome.

A robbery at a museum ends up with her being thrown off a roof and it is fly for her life or die a free woman. She negotiates with herself swiftly and decides that freedom might be possible if she can live to see it.

Ysyr is on retrieval duty when he meets his first Resicor and she knocks him and his instincts on their backsides. Life with this woman might be awkward, but being without her is intolerable from the moment she put her trusting hand in his. 68 Pages | Heat Level: 2

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2012 3.50