Bound By Deception

Anna follows her people’s tradition of blood drinking to find a blood mate. She is faced with three cup choices. Each has the blood of a different man. If she survives drinking from one cup of blood, she will be that man’s mate. She drinks from one cup and it turns out to belong to Dimitri. Before the blood drinking Anna and Dimitri had a rocky relationship. Now they are to be mates. There is someone in the background who wants Anna; will Dimitri be able to stop this person?
This is a short novella that will sweep you into a remarkable world. There is a mighty attraction between the two main characters that keeps the pace moving and unfolding. I encourage you to come into Ms. Paige’s world and enjoy this entertaining story.

Book Blurb for Bound By Deception

To find a compatible mate, Anna will undergo the ancient blood-rite of her people. While she hopes that the outcome is a good one, she knows a love-match is only a remote possibility. Life and death hang in the balance and she, alone, must choose her destiny. She draws upon all her courage to complete this duty but is unaware of the underlying deception which will change her fate entirely. Once her mate is revealed, her shock is replaced by an all-consuming passion.

Dimitri is starving for Anna, his hunger is relentless. Burning desire unfolds between them. His blood-lust flares out of control and combines with the overwhelming need to claim her in every way he can. Danger lurks in the shadows, though, and a spurned male waits for his revenge.

Dimitri has to win Anna’s heart and protect her from the menacing threat because he can’t survive without her. Through any means necessary, he must make sure nothing stands in the way of their bonding.

Anna is his blood-mate and he will never, let anything or anyone take her from him.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.50