Bold Bride

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Bold Bride


Northeast Texas, 1851...Abby and her father moved out west to get away from reminders of her deceased mother. They moved to Texas and Abby father helped create the town they are living in. A few months later the next thing Abby knew was that her father wrote her a note saying he was moving to California to make his fortune without her. Her father tells her to wait in town for her brother to come and take her back to Philadelphia. However, Abby has required an unwelcome suitor, Newton; who has the whole town falling for him except Abby. Newton has decided since Abby's father has left her for long he will marry her now unless Abby comes up with a plan to stop it. She does and has decided to make a deal with Miguel, a young Mexican/Indian who works as the local blacksmith in town, to marry her in name only to keep her safe from Newton. Miguel agrees because he has the hots for her. Will their marriage remain in name only?

This is a page-turner that kept I reading into the night to find out what would happen in the marriage. The story has a great background scenes and each character comes in 3D instead one dimensional like some other erotic stories that only want to write about exciting sex.

Book Blurb for Bold Bride

Genre: Multicultural Erotic Historical/Western

Length: Novella

After her father abandons her for the gold fields of California, Abby must find a husband to keep her safe from the bully who owns the small Texas town where she lives, and who wants to own her at any cost. But any prospective husband will have to let her go when her brother comes to take her back East, where she might find safety and her dreams of education fulfilled.

She's always been told her boldness will get her into trouble one day and it just might when, in desperation, she turns to Miguel for help. She has long admired him from afar, but worries he will not agree to her proposal. But he is honor-bound to keep her safe, and determined to keep his promises to her, come hell or high water. He will protect her from the man of her nightmares, and from the raging passion her innocent curiosity awakens in both of them.

As Abby and Miguel work together to strengthen their temporary marriage and to battle the forces conspiring to bring them down, Abby finds herself looking forward to leaving less and less. Will the temporary bride be bold enough to make it permanent?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00