Blood Curse

This book is Terrific! The author has written a wonderful erotic tale that also has a historical and paranormal bent to it! The tale has such charismatic main characters in it that I could not keep myself from falling in love with them. However, there is not much information on the secondary characters but that is okay because the main characters take up most of the book.

The main male character, Raven, is very desolate because the vampire queen who turned him will not let him die even though Raven broke away from her years ago. Jade made him kill people in the past, including witches, warlocks, demons, demigods, and humans--whether they were good or evil, so when he broke away from her, Raven decided to make a living as an assassin. However, he will only kill beings that are truly evil.

The main female character, Ophelia, has never wanted to kill people but has a terrible curse that was put on her when she hit puberty that makes her deadly to both humans and non-humans. Because of this curse, Ophelia has been sequestered away from everyone in a house for years and guarded by a female character named Mrs. Darkwell. However, Ophelia has a spirited, kick-ass nature that gives her the gumption to sneak away at night sometimes to go look at statues in a museum. She wants to study them since she is a sculptor and women did not become sculptors in her time. One night at the museum she meets Raven and they start talking.

The pacing of the book starts fast and keeps moving that way until the end. The chemistry between Raven and Ophelia is smoking hot! You are definitely going to need something cold to drink or have a fan turned on while reading this book!

A man has ordered Raven to kill a woman named Ophelia because she can kill beings, however, Raven’s vampire queen also wants him to kill Ophelia but first he must take Ophelia's power away by seducing her. Jade even kidnaps Raven’s sister and threatens to do horrible things to her to make sure he follows directions. When Raven meets Ophelia he is powerfully attracted to her (he has not felt attracted to anyone in centuries), can he even kill her?

Special Notes: There are some S&M scenes in this book that include ropes, toys, and anal play.

Book Blurb for Blood Curse

Once the Marquis of Ravenhunt, Raven is now a vampire. With his sister's life in peril unless he can capture Ophelia's mysterious power, he embarks on a course of sensual seduction to achieve his goal. Yet as he enjoys watching Ophelia slowly succumb to the blissful sensations of carnal pleasure, Raven knows that every time he touches her his own demise grows ever closer...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00