Beyond the Veil

Diamond - Contemporary Erotic Romance

Carolyn is working in a house that is a museum. She was cleaning a desk one day and finds a hand drawn map in it. She follows the map to the basement and discovers a diamond ring. She knows it used to belong to the lady of the house who said it allowed her to pierce the veil of life and death so she could talk to her dead grandson Bruce. When Carolyn slipped the ring onto her finger she was transported to a room where Bruce is at; he is waiting for someone to talk to because he has been so lonely over the years. He is also binds up Carolyn and has rough sex with her that she loves. Bruce tries to keep her there but she pulls the ring off. Carolyn got a note with the ring that she reads belatedly telling her that if she wears on her finger she goes to his cell, and if she wears it with a necklace it will allow Bruce to walk by her side. Carolyn tries to find a way to free Bruce and keep him by her side.

Beyond the Veil is a great book that has some romance, love scenes, and some mystery.

Book Blurb for Beyond the Veil

In the basement of the Warren Mansion Museum, Carolyn discovers a diamond ring enchanted to allow the wearer to see and interact with spirits. Bruce, cursed hundreds of years ago, is trapped as a spirit beyond the veil between worlds. Carolyn is the first person to see him in many years. And not just see him, but touch him. The attraction between the dominant and sexy Bruce and the passionate Carolyn builds with each sizzling encounter. But curses have a way of not wanting to be broken, putting them both in serious peril.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.00