Between Two Wolves

Tales of Moonspell #2

Jessica Coulter-Smith has created a suspenseful and steamy paranormal romance with two identical twin males who are tall and handsome but have different personalities. Brandt is the leader of this small pack, has a laid back attitude, and rather stay at home then go to a bar. His brother Nolen, on the other hand, has a happy go lucky attitude and the life of the party. These two charming werewolves meet a woman who can deal with both of their attitudes and is not afraid to try something new with both of them in more ways than one. The dialogue “sparks” between all of the major characters. In addition, the author has woven a mystery into this tale that left me guessing till almost the very end. I am sorry they came to an end.


Brandt and his twin brother Nolen went into a bar that catered to supernatural beings looking for Brandt’s mate. After looking at the most of the ladies in the bar and not attracted to any of the scantily clad women, they noticed a curvy woman sitting by herself. They go over to introduce themselves to her and find out her name is Falan; she is a human. Brandt and Nolen are shocked to find out they share the same mate. Can they get agree to have both of them as mates?

Book Blurb for Between Two Wolves

Brandt Fitzgerald has wondered from time to time when he would find his mate. Imagine his surprise when he finds her -- and has to share her with his brother! The boys have been known to share before, but can something on a permanent basis really work?

Falan Wright has lots of curves and a little extra. She's never been anyone's ideal before and now she's suddenly faced with not one but two hot men ready to be at her beck and call. What's a woman to do? The concept of mates isn't unknown to Falan, but is she ready to tie herself to both Fitzgerald men? Can she be woman enough for both of them?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.50