Before the Moon Rises

Janet, a nurse working the full moon night shift at a hospital, is taking care of a man that came in unconscious and naked from the ambulance. The man suddenly wakes up and said he wants to leave the hospital at once but not before asking Janet on a date. Janet agrees to meet him at her car when she got off shift. He is at her car and they go on the date. This leads to an attention-grabbing adventure where you find out the secret that Max and his family are hiding.

The author has written a passionate tale with fleshed out characters that stand on their own.

This short story with a fast pace

Book Blurb for Before the Moon Rises

After a twelve-hour shift in a busy emergency room, Janet O'Brien is beat. Her last patient arrives unconscious and naked. She's lead to believe he's a psyche patient off his meds. However, once he awakens, Janet is charmed by his million-dollar smile and agrees to give him a ride home.

Werewolf, Max Ritter notices the sassy nurse when he wakes after a night under the full moon. Unfortunately, his archrival is drawn to Janet as well. In order to keep her out of harm's way, he opts to keep her close. When the chemistry between them sparks, Max discovers a completely new reason to keep Janet safe.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2010 3.50