Beauty on Fire

For eleven yearsTamia’s dreams have been invaded by a golden haired man who makes passionate love to her. Others think she just daydreaming and they want her to wake-up and get on with her life. One day she walks into a store a buys an opal ring that calls to her. She puts the ring on and she is in the same place, a cage, with the golden hair man. The golden hair man is Aristophanes and he has invaded Tamia’s dreams so he can talk to someone. Aristophanes is being punished for giving humans fire. He loves Tamia and wants to be with her. However, they must first get his punishment erased so they can have a life together. Will they win or will Hera have some more revenge on Aristophanes?
 At on 43 pages this short hot romance had a good storyline and characters that seemed to live on paper.

Book Blurb for Beauty on Fire

For over a decade he’s come to her, invaded her dreams, and brought her untold pleasure. She knows his name. Aristo. She knows what he looks like. Golden skin, bright green eyes, and tight muscles. But she does not know where she can find him.
That is until an aboriginal sales woman asks Tamia to try on the largest, most beautiful opal ring she’s ever seen. She does and it fits her perfectly. She is immediately whisked into a waking dream where Aristo loves Tamia like he’s never loved her before.
The next morning Tamia returns to the jewellery store to find there is no store, but there is the saleswoman, telling her an unbelievable tale about a sun god whose wings are clipped. A god who commanded both the sun and fire who now lives in darkness. A man she knows intimately. More shocking than the tale is the fact that the woman believes Tamia, a human, is the one person who can set the sun god free from his cage on Olympus.
Tamia has waited so long to find the man who makes her burn, she’s willing to walk through fire for the god of her dreams.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.00