At Drogan's Command

Hades Helmet Crew, #1

Wow, the interaction between the two main characters in this tale is so hot you are going to need a whole bucket of ice cubes to cool off with after reading this futuristic erotic romance tale! This is not a book for timid people because the sex scenes are very graphic. This is a wonderful start to a brand new series. I am glad we are not leaving the Hade’s Helmet crew soon. The reason being the male minor character that is related to the captain of the ship seem to be one hot officer!


Rena’s got the hots for her commander, Drogan! Since fraternization between crewmembers is frowned upon big time, like lose your job bad if it’s found out, Rena cannot act directly on her lustful desires for her Captain. Since she is so horny, Rena goes to a sex planet where sex androids help her live out her lustful fantasy and gets a disc that recorded her in action. However, the disc falls into the wrong hands (or maybe not?)

***At Drogan's Command includes a few scenes of anal sex between the main human female character with robots. There is also another anal scene with the woman and a human male; sex toys too.***

Book Blurb for At Drogan's Command

He commands her body…but can he win her heart?

Who knew one little disc could cause so much trouble? Certainly not Rena, until the disc in question—the one in which she lives out every sexual fantasy she's ever had, including a few inspired by her crush, Captain Drogan Carter—falls into the wrong hands. Drogan’s. Rena is desperate to get it back—she can’t let him know all her darkest, dirtiest secrets…

When Drogan finds the disc and watches the very private contents, his first feeling is guilt. But that guilt soon turns to a raw, sexual need to have the wanton, carefree Rena in his bed. He knows she’ll never come to him willingly, but once he gets her, he’ll have plenty of time to win her over, and to prove to her that reality can be so much better than fantasy. But first he needs a plan, a way to get her right where he wants her: at his command.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2013 4.00