Aground on St. Thomas

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Aground on St. Thomas

Mystery in the Islands, #3

This is not your typical cozy mystery due to the fact there is no “true” hero or heroine of this book, the story itself is not your typical cozy mystery either, and it’s written like a manuscript for a movie. However, the story kept me reading until the end.

First of all, unlike other cozy mysteries this story doesn’t single out one person to be the hero or heroine who is running around trying to figure out who killed someone or is looking for something that has been stolen instead it has multiple characters in it with their own story to tell to you while FBI agents are trying to find some corrupt government officials on one of the Virgin Islands.

Next, this mystery is written more like a manuscript for a movie due to it having multiple characters and different settings around the island that were going on the same time as the FBI is hunting for people. I counted up to 5 new characters in 5 different settings on the island before I had to get a piece of paper to write them all down on so I could figure out who was who in the first few chapters and as I kept reading the story more and more characters were being introduced in it until there were over 10 plus characters to keep track of!

Finally, while you are reading this story you get interested in the people you have met in the previous chapters and you start wondering to yourself what new twist is coming up next in the storyline that is going to happen to the people since there was so much action and drama going on it. I also did not notice any grammar errors that could have slow the story down except for a few words I had to go look up in a dictionary such as the word “hinky.”

Book Blurb for Aground on St. Thomas

From the New York Times bestselling author of Adrift on St. John and Afoot on St. Croix, comes a tale of intrigue and excitement in the Virgin Islands?

The tropical paradise of St. Thomas is shut down as the FBI seizes control of the island to apprehend government officials on bribery charges. Tourists and locals are stranded until FBI agent Gabe ?Friday” Stein can find the missing governor and two senators who have eluded capture.

Innocent of any crime, Senator Julia Sanchez can only escape wrongful arrest with the help of eccentric Senator Bobo. As they try to blend in with increasingly hostile locals and make their trek across the island to safety, Senator Sanchez is only just beginning to realize the extent of the corruption behind the island’s idyllic façade

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2015 4.00