Adventures in Space: Command Me

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Adventures in Space: Command Me

Adventures in Space: Book 2

This is book two in a series called Adventures in Space. I have not read the first book in the series but this book hints about characters from the first story in it I think: Aurelia, John and Ro-a personal soldier droid of Aurelia who got upgraded to a pleasure droid, and still on the ship, I think their from the first story. Aurelia brother Commander Michael is star of this story. Michael fought a long war and now bored with sex droids and wants a vacation, however, the general calls to tell him he is babysitting the general's daughter for a while. When Michael first saw Jade he was attractive to her and thought she was a sex droid who guarded the general's child .Surprise, Jade is the general's daughter. Will Michael command Jade in bed and maybe marriage?

This is good romance and it has some comedy thrown in to enliven the story and some interesting sexual things. I usually hate starting a series at the 2nd book but this has me waiting for number 3!

Book Blurb for Adventures in Space: Command Me

The war is over and Commander Michel Giat faces his toughest task yet. He is asked to baby-sit the general's daughter. Expecting a child, he's pleasantly surprised to find out Jade is a sexy woman. However, her sex appeal creates other problems.

Just because he's lonely doesn't mean he's ready to settle down. Sensing a trap, Michel assumes the general is matchmaking until he's told only a land man will do for Jade.

General Valant may be Jade's father and his superior officer but he wouldn't stop him from marrying Jade if he chooses to.

When Jade disappears on Vre' Lio everything becomes clear. Michel wants Jade as his own. Finding her in a bar with two sex droids sets him on a course for revenge. Sexual manipulation is the game and he plans to teach her to follow his every command.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 3.50