Accidental Mates: Ladon

Third book in the Accidental Mates Series

Tiam is a shape-shifting dragon that lives with the humans inside a barrier they made on a far away planet. Ladon, on the other hand, lives alone in a cave above the settlement and hates humans. Tiam was outside the barrier dieing because creatures were throwing some kind of chemical on her that made her cold…to cold for a dragon. Ladon saves her and he takes her to his cave to recuperate. Tiam goes back to the settlement a few days later however she notices a rash on her stomach and goes sees Ladon about it. Ladon said he would get rid of the rash if she becomes his lover.
Third book in a series. It can stand-alone by itself. The author has woven a romantic tale between two people who don’t like each other in the beginning. Their relationship is combustible from the beginning until the end. You should read the story.

Book Blurb for Accidental Mates: Ladon

Third book in the Accidental Mates Series.

Tiam is done with the Drelconians. She hopes to find acceptance among the humans at a small outpost on Orel-x Four. Expecting a peaceful life pretending to be human, she finds two plots against her people and a very vengeful and horny Ladon. When Ladon offers to help her find a cure for the strange illness that plagues her, his price is steep. He wants her in his bed. Can two dragon shape shifters find pleasure in each others' arms on a hostile planet with more than one species out to get them?

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Accidental Mates: Ladon
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Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 3.75