Abraxas The Beginning

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Abraxas The Beginning

Book 1

Christine Vargas was walking down a street thinking about nothing. Then she was jumped by two vampires and they left her for dead. Surprise! She was not dead and not alive. Christine became a vampire, however, not a "Primitive" vampire who drinks blood but a "Sophisticate" vampire who survives on energy. "Sophisticate" vampire also use mental ability. Christine also was unique- -she was a Queen known as Lady Abraxas. Lord Abraxas, King, found her by being able to read her thoughts and ask some of the clan to bring her to the house. Before she goes to the house she gets revenge on the "Primitive" who made her. The "Sophisticate" vampires and the "Primative" vampires are having a turf war over who should lead the clan. Will Christine's side win?

Abraxas: The Beginning was a quick fast read that kept me reading to the end. You just have to find out what happens at the end. This was a unique story based on the vampire legend.

Book Blurb for Abraxas The Beginning

Christine Vargas is an independent, working-class young woman, tired of her boring 9 to 5 mundane lifestyle until a vicious attack on her sends her sprawling into a world darker and more mysterious than she could ever imagine, unleashing powers within her she never deemed possible. She meets Ryan Price, a handsome, distinguished gentleman, Lord of a small clan of vampires--and twice Christine's age. She questions their odd attraction to each other, soon learning the same mystical forces that rendered her powerful are the same ones within Ryan. While in the midst of getting to know each other, Ryan faces problems of his own--two of his clan members--dubbed the Geminis--are planning to overthrow him and his new Lady in order to claim the clan for their own. Christine now must deal with a few challenging questions that will determine the fate of the clan, as well as the budding relationship between her and the mysterious Ryan Price...

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 4.00