A Season of Ruin

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A Season of Ruin

Sutherland Scandals, #2

This is the second historical romance book in the “The Sutherland Scandals” I have read by author Anna Bradley. The first book in the series was called “A Wicked Way to Win an Earl” and I gave it 3.5 stars back in 2015. However, I am giving this book a 4.00 for the following the reasons: both hero and heroine are scarred by childhood trauma but still lovable, unlike the hero’s older brother Alex who was a total jerk in the first book. It also had a writing flow problem which stopped it from getting a higher star rating.

First of all, this is Robyn’s story. We first met him in the first book and he had an abusive relationship with his father that started when one of Robyn’s tutors at school told his father, the Earl, that Robyn had a brilliant mind when it came to mathematics. Well, the Earl got so mad when he was told that his son was smarter than him, he whipped his son within an inch of his life and also told him he was a worthless son who would never make anything of himself. So when Robyn grew up he decided to live up to it and became “one of the wicked men in England, 1817.”

Next, Lily is the heroine of this story. Her sister Delia was the heroine in the first book. Lily is also scarred by a childhood trauma. When she was a little girl her parents took her and her sisters to a garden maze where each was supposed to find their way out of it. Delia and her sisters, except Lily, found their way out of the maze by themselves. Lily got so lost in the maze she felled to the ground crying her eyes out. Her father rescued her, but since then she’s had weekly nightmares of the maze. So she decided to always follow the rules of decorum set down by the aristocratic “ton”. She will never act out and makes sure everything on her is buttoned up to perfection.

The overall editing on this book was great. However, the book reading flow is slow and never picked up any speed; even when there were some suspenseful scenes in the story.

Special Notes:

**As I mention above the hero was beaten by father when he was a child. The scenes are glossed over but some reader might not want to read this story because of them.

Book Blurb for A Season of Ruin

Anna Bradley, author of  A Wicked Way to Win an Earl, continues her Sutherland Scandals series with a tantalizing new Regency romance filled with opulence, elegance, and forbidden desire...

Lily Somerset’s plan for the London season is simple: courtship, marriage to a respectable gentleman, then the comfortable existence of a proper Lady. That is, until one tiny misstep leaves Lily on the edge of social ruin, forcing her to depend on a wicked rogue to save her reputation.

Robyn Sutherland doesn’t save reputations—he sullies them. He'd rather be drawn and quartered than find himself spending the season as Lily's escort. But he has no choice but to stay until her tattered standing is mended.

What begins as a ruse to deceive London soon flames into an uncontrollable passion. Robyn calls to the wild spirit that lurks beneath Lily’s prim exterior, and Lily awakens the hero’s heart within Robyn. But can these unlikely lovers trust themselves enough to let desire overrule reason?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.00