A Pirate's Sacrifice

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A Pirate's Sacrifice

Duncan and his crew of pirates have been sailing the seas in search of British ships to plunder since the British had come onto his land in Scotland and killed his father. After taking his mother and the rest of the family to an uncle, he left them, and went to sea. However, Duncan did not go alone but brought some fellow Scotsman with him. While trying to raid a ship, a blue light comes out of the ocean and they all think it is a sea goddess come to take their life. Duncan decides then and there to sacrifice his life to save his men since he is the captain of the pirate ship.

Present time-Barbados, Kimberly is standing on her veranda looking at the sea when she notices a blue light coming from the water. Out pops a man from it. Kimberly goes and drags the big man to the beach. Slowly they reach her house where both collapse and Kimberly is wonderers what she should do next. The man is dressed like a pirate. He asks her if he is in the realm of the sea goddess and is she a maiden who waits on the goddess. Kimberly thinks Duncan is a drunken man who fell into the water from a cruise ship. After Duncan tells her what happened in his life and the name of his ship, Kimberly looks the information up and finally starts to believe him after seeing his antique picture near a picture of his ship. Where will these two end up, Past or present?

The author blends an appealing tale that keeps you entertained until the end. Each chapter seems to free flow into each other; no jagged edges to slow you down.

* Some scenes contain anal play.

Book Blurb for A Pirate's Sacrifice

A walk on the beach always managed to clear Kimberly's head at night. With the smells of the island in her nose and the warm surf at her feet, nothing could be better. Until she saw a man floating in the water, and from the time she dragged him to safety, he turned her life upside down. Duncan Fergusson turned out to be more than a drunk tourist. He was a Scottish pirate who traveled through time. He took her breath away with passionate kisses and a need that couldn't be denied. This was all in the midst of helping him understand this new world he now lived in. Kimberly never felt like this before, and her heart was at stake. Would she find her happiness in Duncan's arms? Or would the pirate of the Dark Reaper hurtle back through history with her stolen heart in his possession?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 3.25