A Pack of Two

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A Pack of Two

Jacky Russell has created an erotic romance with a lot of action thrown in for good measure. I was intrigued with the story from the first chapter. Brianna is a kickass heroine who will not leave a fight even when she has to fight her captain or friends. She is the polar opposite of Lucas, the hero, who feels uncomfortable around other males even his fellow werewolves. You might wonder why Lucas is this way, but I am not going to tell since it would spoil the story. You need to read this tale to find out!

Brianna (earth witch) is a part of a paranormal army that has vampires, werewolves, and elves. The army’s focus is getting rid of other paranormals who cause trouble to the paranormal community at large. Since only good witches are liked by other paranormals Brianna has taken a lot of crap from other paranormals. The reason being that bad witches have caused a lot of wars. One night she finds a werewolf, Lucas, being be-spelled by bad witches. Brianna fights them off and she wonders why they were attacking him. Well it turns out that Lucas is the son of an Alpha who leads the largest pack in Italy and most of the world.

A MUST Read for Paranormal Romance Fans!

Book Blurb for A Pack of Two

A witch and a werewolf. A pack of two.

Master Sergeant Breanna Welker loves hockey games, cheesy fries, and being second in command of the U.S. Army's Bravo Company. The fact that her commanding officer is a vampire and most of her fellow soldiers are werewolves doesn't slow her down a bit. Her colorful vocabulary and uncompromising loyalty have endeared her to her unit, who don't give a damn she's a shape-shifting witch.

Lucas Benelli can't boast the same loyalty from the people close to him. His father is the Alpha of the largest known werewolf pack in the world--a pack Lucas is expected to be the leader of. But Lucas has spent most of his life avoiding contact with his father's pack and they don't seem to like him much either.

Together, they forge a connection not even Lucas's dysfunctional pack or Breanna's meddling unit can break--and come face-to-face with the hardest choice either of them has ever had to make.

CONTENT WARNING: Includes a horde of evil witches, and one deliciously wicked witch with Mother Nature at her beck and call.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 5.00