A Nexus Xmas

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A Nexus Xmas

This is the fourth book in the Nexus series created by Viola Grace. This story starts with Nexus, a female who can create creatures using magic, wondering what she can get her little group of gnomes for Christmas while watching them build snow castles and snowmen. Unknown to her, her gnomes want to give her a gift of "live" snowmen so they take magic from Nexus and use it to create the snowmen. However, they do not come to life like they expected they would so they go to bed. However, during the night before Christmas the snowmen come to life with wild magic. This starts a series of events that create horrible results for Nexus and her friends.

I have not read any other books in the "Nexus" series before and it is all right for a standalone but you might find yourself wishing you had read other books in the series so you know the whole background of what is going on around you while reading the story. A great read.

Book Blurb for A Nexus Xmas

Deciding what to get for her gnomes for their first Xmas was Abby's main concern, until the little buggers tricked her into animating the snow warriors that they had created in her yard. The new creatures rampage throughout the neighbourhood and molest the quiet homes of Sargent in an effort to strip away their holiday magic. Abby and the others must stop the snowmen while keeping the magic hidden from the average populace. When Yeti arrive to help, Abby is more than willing to accept whatever they will offer to stop the holiday horror of a giant Snow Beast created for the purpose of world domination. All this, and she still has to shop for the holidays, what is a Nexus to do? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 3.50