A Nexus Wedding

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A Nexus Wedding

Finally the story we have been waiting for, the wedding of Nexus and Zander. There is a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes: troll blood gets on the wedding dress, missing wedding rings that lead to fight with the bridegroom and someone else. All the people from the other Nexus books show up for the wedding. Will everyone live through it?

The author has given us a nice wedding in the “Nexus” series. Will this be the end of the series or will she write more for it? I guess we have to wait and see. The tale is told in an entertaining way and is only seventy-two pages long; however, you will wish it keeps going for more pages. It is also well visualize.

Book Blurb for A Nexus Wedding

We join Abby and Xander on their big day, a huge wedding at Hotel Spectre. When the rings go missing, the bridal gown gets tainted with blood and the groom starts a fistfight in the garden, only the efforts of friends and creatures can make Abby have the wedding day she deserves.

Whatever fate had in mind, this will be the happiest damned bride that ever animated her lawn ornaments. Or else. 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00