When You Come to Me

This is a book that shows how young love grows and matures. Natalie Chandler, an African-American college freshman meets Brandon Greene a Caucasian junior, when she decides to step out of her comfort zone and go to a house party. As she suspected.she hates it. She did not suspect to be assaulted.she is hit in the head with a beer bottle and knocked unconscious by Brandon. He is drunk, tall, and a talkative guy. Natalie instantly forms a bond with. Why? She doesn't know and is not sure she actually wants it. But over the year they continue to run into each other until Brandon is determined to make her his friend although he already has a serious girlfriend. He cannot, however, seem to stop himself. And their friendship begins. Soon enough his girlfriend is out of the picture and Natalie is in. Does she want this? Is she just the rebound girl?

Their relationship continues to build. After a year of dating Brandon asks Natalie to marry him. She refuses him and passes out drunk. She wakes up to find Brandon gone. They are not done though. Can she forgive him? Will he come back?

Negatives: While the color issues (racism and discrimination is understandable) color was mentioned entirely too much. Knowing Natalie is African American is good, but it's mentioned continuously throughout the book about her brown skin or fingers. The writing also refers unnecessarily to Brandon as the Caucasian companion and Natalie as the brown best friend. This was overall just distracting. While I love long stories.some of the issues seemed redundant or took away from the plot. Next, I found it strange that Natalie used Anthony for so long and Brandon used Sophia for so long, yet no one showed up later or wanted `revenge' or was a bigger issue.

The end of the book was not as closed as I would have liked to read after such a long journey. Nonetheless, I can see where it can either be seen as a cliffhanger or as a new leaf for the couple, as it seems like they are coming to terms with their relationship and pulling it back together no matter what it takes.

Positives: The characters, while most of the time displayed less than lovely behavior, at the end of the book, it was easy to still like them. Part one of the book was very interesting to see how Natalie was curious and interested but still maintaining her values. Overall the book was well written and a good journey of finding out what love is and seeing the different ways people deal with finding love.

Book Blurb for When You Come to Me

When Brandon Greene, an oatmeal-skinned junior from upstate New York, drunkenly hurls a beer bottle at an unsuspecting, brown-skinned Natalie Chandler, both their worlds are changed indefinitely. Brandon makes his intentions clear from the beginning: he is hopelessly in love with his girlfriend, Sophia, but does not want to marry her. He does, however, want to be friends with Natalie. Neither Brandon nor her curiosities about him make sense to her at all, and her complacency begins to tumble, as she and Brandon grow closer. She's thrust into a love triangle that she wants no part of and suddenly, a streamlined future to success in the medical field is the last thing on her mind - all she sees now is a shade of gray. Brandon and Natalie have a powerful dynamic; but can it stand the weight that time, spatial disparity and color have placed on them? When You Come to Me is a sometimes humorous, sometimes dramatic take on the loss of innocence in its most colorful form.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75