Love Unspoken

Cole, a young cowboy, who cannot speak is surprised when he is offered a ride home by the most gorgeous girl he's ever seen: Noelle, who lives next door. Seeing her as rich, spoiled, and conceited, he knows she is untouchable. Only.that is not quite true as Noelle has always noticed him as well. At first they avoid each other thinking their attraction stood no chance. Still, they began an affair despite their many differences which quickly turned to love. Their differences do interfere with their relationship but they learn to deal with them.

The concept of the book was great. Reading the blurb.I was fascinated. The execution? Not so much. I don't feel either character had much depth to make a connection to the reader. Also, some of the more outrageous vocabulary used in this book took away from the easy flow reading. Lastly, no relationship seemed to develop.the relationship seemed more about sex than anything else. There were no dates or special scenes of them just enjoying each other's company. I give this book three stars for being well written and holding an interesting topic.

Book Blurb for Love Unspoken

Cole McKinney is a man down on his luck. Born without the gift of speech, he works tirelessly on a cattle ranch in southern Colorado to support his parents back home. While his days are spent attending to his duties, his nights are devoted to fantasizing and dreaming of the delicious ways he could lose himself inside the gorgeous and forbidden mocha beauty, Noelle Williams.

Noelle, the black sheep of her wealthy family, is fascinated and drawn to the rugged, yet silent cowboy who works next door. Torn between keeping her distance and laying bare her heart and body for his exquisite and passionate undertaking, Noelle must decide if she is willing to risk it all for the love of a man deemed unworthy by her father and society.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 3.00