Caught Up in the Moment

This book is a story between close friends Teagan and Jonas. They consider themselves best friends and even work together. Nonetheless, while Jonas has always had deeper feelings for Teagan, she has never thought of taking their friendship to another level. It is not that she has no attraction for Jonas.because she does. He is gorgeous and exciting. Warnings though, always flash in her mind, keeping her from thinking of Jonas as more than a friend. If their realationship does not work out.what would happen to that awesome companionship they'd had in the beginning? Neither of them wants to lose that.

Teagan, tired of being miss goody two shoes decides with her friends that she should definitely start saying yes to some things she would normally say no to. And that is how she ends up with Jonas. She wants to keep it a one night stand..but he wants a real realationship now that they have already crossed the line of friends. When Jonas notices, she is not budging, he tells her they can have a trial relationship. She agrees to a six month period. If it does not work out well, they will part as friends. The only problems is from just about the moment Teagan makes the deal, she begans to fall head over heels for her best friend.

Pros: Good overall concept and characters. The passion of Jonas always wanting to come to Teagan's rescue. A Happily Ever After.

Cons: There was too many scenes with friends and family, rather than Jonas and Teagan. The pair of them spent more time talking about their relationship than actually having one. It would have been much better to have seen them interacting more with each other.

Book Blurb for Caught Up in the Moment

Teagan Bishop made a pact with three of her best friends but she had no idea the amount of trouble it could lead to. She has achieved the goals she has set in life. Teagan has a successful career, respectable education, and she is independent. Yet, something is missing. She doesn't realize what it is...until she ends up in bed with her best friend. Still, Teagan knows she and Jonas had only been caught up in the moment and nothing can come of it. Or can it?

Jonas Wheeler has been harboring a secret for five years. He is attracted to his best friend, Teagan. When they end up in bed together after a late night work session, he realizes his opportunity to make his interest in her known has come. Now all he has to do is convince Teagan that a relationship between them will be just as good as the friendship they currently have. He didn't realize how intent Teagan would be in trying proving him wrong, but he isn't giving up without a fight.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 3.50