An Empress for Pantheon

Shyra and Pantheon meet when her car stalls on a vacant road. She finds him rude, annoying, and maybe just a little bit crazy. Everything he says sounds weird to her ears. He has panthers for pets and claims to be a prince from another planet. All Shyra wants to do is get away from Pantheon.and fast. Something about him rubs her the wrong way. When her car stalled it delayed her from work and she knows that it is a possibility that she will lose her position at work for such folly. She has worked so hard to get to where she is and even harder to stay there. Pantheon does not care about her work, however. He is on earth for one thing.and one thing only: to replenish his planet. All their women are gone (mostly due to their own violent ways) and now they need heirs. Pantheon wants Shyra to be his.but is that enough for her to leave the only place she's ever known?

Overall, this was a good short read. Once finished reading I was left with a few issues. In the end of the story Shyra leaves earth. She shows no real concern for family, friends, or her precious job. There was not much about the characters outside of their interaction with each other. The ending of the book seemed rushed. When posed with several problems they were quickly wrapped up in the last few pages of the book. Those small points aside, the scenes in the book were creative and interesting. They will keep the reader intrigued during the entire short story.

Book Blurb for An Empress for Pantheon

Shyra leaves for work, but never arrives. Unfortunately, she's the next victim of a would-be emperor. Pantheon is crass and lacking in compassion. Only his seed can determine the true empress. Will Shyra meet her demise like the others, or will Pantheon's seed reveal the true empress?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75