Soul of the Sea

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Soul of the Sea

I'm a person that feels a very special bond to water and mythology. When I read the description for Soul of the Sea needless to say it caught my attention. I felt like Jasmine Dention's book would have a classic premise but with an interesting twist. I was right for the most part.

Only problem is the interesting part wasn't enough to make up for the clich‚d characters and poor plot. The story had a ton of potential, but to me it took the easy ways out. It didn't do anything daring. The plot was so predictable that by the second chapter I knew exactly how it would end. To me the worst thing about Jasmine's book is to see all that wasted potential.

Mykaela, the heroine of the story, was one of the biggest Mary-Sue characters I've seen in some time. I could not relate to this girl at all, because to me there was nothing ordinary about her. Dylan, the love interest, was just beyond clich‚d. He was angst ridden, secretive, and controlling.

The only saving grace was the mythology, but even that failed on a massive level. Jasmine went with the most well-known water demon myths. There are literally thousands of she could have gone with that are less well known, and much more interesting. I didn't mind her going with the well-known mythology too much, but to me she just didn't make it her own. She did not leave her mark.

Book Blurb for Soul of the Sea

Off the coast of Harmony Harbor, beneath the ocean’s waves, a dark secret is about to unfold. Few know of its existence.

Mykaela Whindom is rescued from the treacherous seas only to find her best friend didn’t survive the tragic accident. Later, she finds the boy who rescued her wounded on the beach. Her family takes him in and offers him work at their bed and breakfast, unaware that he’s cursed, doomed to spend eternity at sea among soul-thirsty warriors, and his presence threatens the entire town.

But the danger isn’t just in the ocean—a group of Hunters, determined to kill every sea creature including Dylan, roam the town searching for justice. When the two worlds collide, Mykaela’s growing relationship with Dylan is jeopardized by more than just his secret. Before she can open her heart to him, she must face the truth about her friend’s death, her family heritage, and her destiny.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2011 3.00