Paddy Whacked

Five and a half pages. Five and a half pages of comedy that just wasn't for me. Paddy Whacked seemed like it would be a fun read from the description. Little did I know that the comedy part of the story would be comprised of the most overused holiday jokes out there. I expected a few puns but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. At the very least some of the jokes caused me to snort in amusement.

I wouldn't have minded the overused jokes so much if the mystery had been half way decent. Inspector Helmes and Watkins have to be the worst detectives in literary history. Inspector Helmes' deductions appear out of nowhere and for a little while lead to nowhere. To me the mystery was no mystery at all because it did not take itself seriously for a moment. The author did not want the readers to solve the mystery. Apparently he intended for it to be another joke which failed completely for me. Other's might find this comedy to their taste.

Book Blurb for Paddy Whacked

Inspector Helmes and his trusty sidekick, Watkins, know they have their work cut out for them in solving the murder of Paddy O'Toole, the Grand Leprechaun. However, nothing can prepare them for the strange lineup of suspects they encounter at the annual Holiday Icon Convention. Another holiday short from the author of DEATH BY JELLO and CHRISTMAS IN KILLARNEY.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 2.00