Into Thin Air

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Into Thin Air

The need to throw a party that will be talked about for ages. The need for friends and attention. That seems to be what drives George. This story is only four and a half pages long. In that time though I strangely found myself relating to George.

George seems to be a lonely man whose life isn't going the way he planned. To make up for this he tries to gain attention by throwing an unforgettable party. This like most other things doesn't seem to be going his way. A conversation with a stranger in the bar will change that and leave readers chuckling at the silliness.

Book Blurb for Into Thin Air

George has been in Copenhagen for months and has failed to make any real friends. His dreamy images of Europe shattered and all desire to discover his true-self gone, the only way he sees to make a name for himself is as an eccentric outsider.

Distracted from drilling in the frozen fish pond in preparation for a New Year party, he takes himself off to the Chimpanzee Bar where he meets a beautiful young student.

What follows is a wonderful afternoon, the consequences of which will puzzle the partygoers for years to come.

Written by the author of the critically-acclaimed debut collection DIRTY OLD TOWN and winner of 2010's Watery Grave International Contest, Nigel Bird presents a rather unexpected slice of his work in the form of this existential romance.

A short story from The Lab, our experimental and abstract line.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.50