If We Kiss

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If We Kiss

Before I start this review I would like to say I was definitely not the right person for this book. I picked it thinking it would be a book aimed at a more mature teen audience, and that it would examine the situation through older eyes. Still even though I'm probably not the right audience for this book I had trouble seeing it reaching it's goal audience.

The book is supposed to be told through 9th grader Charlie's point of view, and here began my first problem with this book. Even though it's supposed to be told though a 9th grader's perspective it read like it was coming from an 11 or 10 year olds point of view. I'll be kind and go so high as 12 year old. A 9th grader is 15 or more often 16. So to say this book sounded childish was a understatement. I barely made it through the book because of how immature the point of view was.

My other problem with the book was the drama. Yes the situation would certainly be one chalk full of drama and tension. The way it is portrayed though makes it fill like a cheesy episode of Degrassi. The characters are shallow and I felt like punching them. The way the story goes about is so far from realistic it's pathetic.

Honestly I can't recommend this book to anyone.

Book Blurb for If We Kiss

What would happen if we kiss?

Kevin led me quickly around the side of the building, then stopped. I managed not to crash into him. I tried to look calm, cool, unperturbed. I told myself not to laugh, especially not a snorting kind of laugh. "Wha . . . what did . . ."

And then he kissed me.

If We Kiss is the story of Charlotte (Charlie to her friends), who finds herself falling for a boy who is off-limits. Her best friend is in love with him, and her mother and his father are dating. Still, Charlie can't help but wonder, what would happen if we kiss?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 2.50