Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways

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Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways

Rhiannon Godfrey, #1

Usually when I don't like a book it's because it turns out not to be my type of book, but rarely is it because of the writing and plot itself. Well yay for me this was one of those rare occasions. Also when I dislike a book it rarely pisses me off. Again this is one of those rare occasions where I was pissed. I was actually seeing red for a while. This is the first book in the Rhiannon Godfrey series, and I can honestly say it will certainly be the last one in the series that I will read.

One of my many problems with the books was the portrayal of the Wiccan religion. To me the author took no time to research the subject, and it came across clearly that she didn't care. You could have put basically any religion name instead of Wiccan and it would remain the same. Sure magic is used, but that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the religion which disappointed me because there are people who practice magic in the Wiccan society. If the author had done research on the subjects the story would have been more interesting and cohesive.

Another problem I had was with the story itself. All the conflict in this story is for nothing, and I don't mean they go through trouble and whatever goal they were trying to reach is over. No I'm talking about all the problems in this book being set up by the author and then turning out to be a 'oh yeah they weren't really problems'. That pissed me off because it was like what was the purpose for me reading the book in the first place. The characters certainly weren't complaining especially the lead who was a whiny little brat.

Book Blurb for Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways

Rhiannon Godfrey is a psychic prodigy, but her parents don't see things her way. They think she needs a "normal" high school experienceshe wants to stay in trendy Vegas. In the small farming town of Crystal Lake, being Wiccan doesn't exactly help the Godfreys blend in. Beyond angry, Rhiannon neglects to inform her parents the farmhouse they just bought is haunted. Instead, she decides to use the resident ghost to prove that she belongs back in Dr. Richards's Institute of Parapsychology. Not that dispelling ghosts is her area of expertise, but really, how hard can it be? And then there's Jared Roberts. Totally hot. For a cowboy, that is. Only problem? He comes with an evil twin sister, the shallow and popular Janet. Janet's only goal is to make Rhee's life miserable. So when she and her friends decide it's time for a little payback, Rhee goes to her mother's book of spells. Janet needs to be taught a lesson, and what harm can come from a few words? Just one little spell.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 2.50