Enticing Elliott

Moon Pack, #5

Enticing Elliott is the fifth book in the Moon Pack series. I was not aware this was the fifth book in the series at the time I picked it. I think you need to read the other books beforehand because the pack is part of the book. So I wasn't sure who some people were, and events that had happened. So I definitely felt a little lost.

Still I found the book to be very interesting, and I really enjoyed it. This book was on the light side which I enjoyed. Elliot who is a half-wolf accountant was my favorite character in this book. He is an adorable, sweetheart character that drew me into the book. The other lead Parker is an enforcer, and also a very interesting character, but I liked him best when he was interacting with his mate Elliot.

My main problem with this book was that it was very short, and I wanted to spend more time with Elliot and Parker. I recommend this to anyone who likes gay romance or paranormal romance. Still I recommend reading the other books first.

Book Blurb for Enticing Elliott

Elliott comes to the Moon pack bar to meet with Anthony. Little does he know Anthony's plans include handing him off to Parker, the pack security officer. Parker takes one look at the slim accountant and knows he's found the submissive mate of his dreams.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.00