Don't Breathe a Word

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Don't Breathe a Word

Every once in a while you stumble across a book that's hard to describe. Then there are times when it's hard to do justice to a book no matter what words you use. Sadly this is a rare case of when those situations combine. So if my thoughts sound a little jumbled please excuse me.

This is a hard hitting beautifully written book. The descriptions of the book are a staring character to me because they make the story great. They help it shine and gain a special place in the reader’s hearts. Without the descriptions this book would just be a shadow of itself. The detail the author put into everything gave the story life. Thankfully she was able to tell where the story needed detail and where it didn't. So you won't have to worry about going through 1000 words about the eggs one of the characters had for breakfast.

The other star of the book is Joy. She is such a fascinating character. We watch her grow and go through such trials and hardships. I do warn that this story isn't for the faint of heart. If you don't want to read a story about abuse and life on the streets then this isn't for you. I know a lot of people want to get away from such dark subjects when they read a book. If you can handle the subject matter then I recommend this book completely. It's a wonderful story for young adult fans.

Book Blurb for Don't Breathe a Word

Joy delamere is suffocating.

From asthma, from her parents, and from her boyfriend, Asher, who is smothering her from the inside out. She can take his cruel words, his tender words . . . until the night they go too far.

To escape, Joy sacrifices her suburban life to find the one who offered his help, a homeless boy called Creed. He introduces her to a world of fierce loyalty, to its rules of survival, and to love—a world she won’t easily let go.

Set against the backdrop of the streets of Seattle, Holly Cupala’s power­ful new novel explores the subtleties of abuse, the secrets we keep, and the ways to redemption. But above all, it is an unflinching story about the extraordinary lengths one girl will go to discover her own strength.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00