Cat Telling Tales

Joe Grey Mysteries

This is the first book I have read in this series, but I'm happy to inform that this is the type of mystery book that you don't have to read the others to jump right in as each book has a separate story. The only continuing plot is what goes on in Joe Grey, Dulcie, and Kit's lives. There may be spoilers for the endings to some of the previous mysteries, but other than that it seems like any book is a good place to start with this series.

I'm a firm believer in the theory that animals are more intelligent then we think. It's hard for me to think that a species that saves your life, warns you of danger, knows when you're upset, and is a loyal, loving companion to people is a dumb animal. The cats in this book have the ability to talk to people and are descended from Celtic cats and have special talents. So to say I bonded with the cats more than any other characters in this book is not because they are cats although that's an added bonus, but also because the cats have distinct personalities.

The mystery is a little predictable, but still very enjoyable. The characters make the mystery and grab your attention. I was a little disappointed that the ending was so predictable. I wish the story could have finished on a strong note with a twist ending, but this wasn't meant to be. Overall this is a light enjoyable read that any cat lover will adore.

Book Blurb for Cat Telling Tales

Even the bright seaside village of Molena Point has been hit hard by the economic downturn, bringing a rash of foreclosures in which many residents are abandoning their family pets. While feline P. I. Joe Grey's human friends join together to care for the starving cats, a fire leaves a twelve-year-old boy homeless. The body of his alcoholic guardian is discovered in the smoldering ruins, causing Joe to wonder if escape was really impossible for the elderly woman or if something more sinister occurred.

Meanwhile, Debbie Kraft descends uninvited on the Damens' home with her two children, claiming that her ex-husband has left her with no money and nowhere else to go. But when Joe learns that the victim of the fire was Debbie's estranged mother and that Debbie is not broke at all but carrying plenty of cash, his fur is on end with suspicion.

As Debbie's abandoned tomcat follows her all the way down the coast from Oregon with his own clues to add to the mix, Joe learns that Debbie's Realtor ex-husband may be involved in a number of intricate real estate scams. Furthermore, his sales partner may be missing, and while Joe and his pals prowl through the dead woman's house, they discover that her reclusive neighbor has disappeared as well.

But it's not until Debbie's tomcat arrives that Joe and his feline detective pals find the biggest clue of all: a grave that the cops have missed. And as the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together, tortoiseshell Kit sees her own dreams coming true in the handsome new cat with whom she might share her life's adventures.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00