An Affair of the Mind

The story is three and a half pages long but has a relatable charm and a tiny sense of humor. I believe everyone out there has let paranoia get the best of them at one point in their lives. We've all had that moment where we look over our shoulder because we think someone is following us. Rosalind has months filled with these moments after a bus ride. The story has two twists that I didn't see coming and found very satisfying.

The only bad part of the story was Rosalind's obsession with a man she meets on the bus. I can understand the attraction towards the man. The months of obsessing and fantasizing about the man seems to go a bit far and feel forced. Other then that minor problem this is exactly what a short story should be.

Book Blurb for An Affair of the Mind

When Rosalind, an unfulfilled forty year old, observes the start of a romance, her mind takes off into flights of fancy and her thoughts are filled with the prospect of passionate encounters. But the outcome is something she did not envisage. A work of short crime from our Fingerprints line and the author of MAGGIES PLOT.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.50