Teeth : Vampire Tales

I'm not usually one to read short stories cause you don't always get a full development of the story or characters. I'm a big fan of vampires though so I thought I would check this one out but unfortunately I didn't enjoy it. To me it didn't have a strong start to make me want to keep reading. I had a hard time even finishing because the stories were slow.

I did enjoy Vampire Weather by Garth Nix and Gap Year by Christopher Barzak. I liked their stories of vampires. They were interesting enough that I wondered if there could be more. Not that there were cliffhangers but I wanted to have more of the characters. I also thought that Why Light? by Tanith Lee was a sweet story to end the book.

Overall, the book was okay but it could have been stronger in the stories. There were changes to the vampires that we have come to know but the stories couldn't always keep my attention.

Book Blurb for Teeth : Vampire Tales

For Vampire Lovers Everywhere - Nineteen Tantalizing Tales.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2011 3.00