When a Laird Takes a Lady

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When a Laird Takes a Lady

A Claimed By the Highlander Novel, #2

Laird Aiden MacCurren is an outlaw who had been accused of the murdering a courier and sealing from the Scottish king. In hopes of saving his clan—and clearing his name—he decides to kidnap the only person who can clear his name, Isabail Grant, who just happens to be his enemy.

Isabail is seeking justice for her brother’s murder although on the way to Edinburgh, her party is attacked and she and her maid find themselves kidnapped by the man she believes destroyed her family. Even though he’s the enemy, Isabail finds herself attracted to the MacCurren Laird.

When A Laird Takes A Lady is the second book in a series and I felt as though I was missing something by not reading the first book as the mystery from the first book carries over into the second. I was a bit confused in the beginning about the circumstances of Aiden’s charges although it does eventually grow a bit clearer as the plot progresses.

Aiden was a bit of a dark, complex character apparently prone to mood swings although he was a more bluster than action and I think that (and possibly the fact I missed the backstory in book) made it hard for me to connect with the character.

Isabail wasn’t too bad for a heroine. She was strong-willed and eager to go against Aiden.

The plot was a little slow in some parts and rather quick in others. I was surprised at how quickly Isabail was willing to bed her kidnapper. Her willingness to trust Aiden so quickly seemed rather rushed. And Aiden was just a hot mess. One minute he was infatuated with Isabail and the next, he was trying to avoid her like she had the plague.

What I liked about the novel was that while the basis of the plot was the same Highland-laird-kidnaps-lovely-lady-who-happens-to-be-his-enemy-then-falls-in-love-with-said-enemy the delivery was fresh. I also liked the author chose surnames not often used.

I was hoping to see a Highland dialect used in the novel, possibly a bit of Gaelic. It would have helped to add more a Highland feel to the novel.

While the novel occasionally came off a slow ‘who dunnit’, it was an enjoyable little romance.

Book Blurb for When a Laird Takes a Lady

In the Highlands of Scotland, honor and loyalty are worth more than life itself. But when a haunted woman meets a wronged warrior, love will prove more powerful than anything they have ever known.

Isabail Grant has had to be strong all her life. Over the years, she has lost everyone close to her, and now she’s seeking justice for her brother’s murder. But en route to Edinburgh to petition the king, she is kidnapped by a fierce warrior?and is shocked to find herself irresistibly drawn to her captor.

Aiden MacCurran is an outlaw. The laird of a small clan, he’s been falsely accused of killing the king’s courier and stealing the Crown’s property?and the key to clearing his name and redeeming his clan lies in Isabail’s memories. But Aiden and Isabail must first weather deceit and treachery before they can find the truth and claim the love that’s growing between them....

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 3.50