Three Days on Mimosa Lane

A Seasons of the Heart Novel, #2

Sam Perry’s close proximity to ground zero on 9/11 ended up leaving her with PTSD. Moving to Mimosa Lane to get a fresh start on life, she slowly starts to get back to normal and ends up volunteering to help with a bake sale at her son’s school on the same day there happens to be a shooting at the school. Now she’s went off the deep end and left her husband and children and moved in with her neighbor who she treats like dirt.

I am going to be brutally honest; I could not connect with this book. Everything in it felt superficial from the characters to the plot. Perhaps it was the author’s choice to tell the story rather than show the story that did not allow me to connect. When writing a novel such as this the connection is what sells it to the reader and that never happened for me.

What was meant to be three days (but really, was it only three days) on Mimosa Lane ended up feeling like an eternity. And the character Sam that readers were supposed to sympathize with ended up coming off as whinny and annoying. It was her husband and children that I ended up feeling sorry for.

The sad part was is that this book had potential. It could have been an amazing book if the author would have taken the time to make the characters feel true and authentic. There were parts of the book that made me want to put it down and never pick it back up again. In the end, I had to force myself to read it.

Book Blurb for Three Days on Mimosa Lane

One day can change your life forever…Three days change a painful past into a beautiful tomorrow…

Once, Sam Perry had it all. A loving marriage, an amazing job she adored as a preschool teacher, and a beautiful home. She was safe, happy and secure.

Then the unthinkable happened…

Watching his once carefree wife withdraw into herself was almost more than Brian Perry could handle. The only thing that kept him going was knowing that he loved her more than life itself. Moving her out of New York to Chandlerville, a small, quiet suburb of Atlanta, felt right. Anything, to get her away from the memories of the buildings, and her world, crashing around her.

Now, two sons and many years later, Sam cherishes the new life on Mimosa Lane that Brian built for them.

Until lightning strikes twice…

Called a hero by her small community, Sam feels more like a coward than ever. Instinct draws her into an altercation at her children’s school—an instinct that also drives her away from the warm cocoon of her family.

Brian refuses to lose his wife again. He agrees to give her the space she asks for, but he soon realizes space isn’t something they and their children can afford. He knows their love can still conquer all. But this time he’ll need their entire community to help him win his wife back.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 2.50