How To Get Over Your Ex

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How To Get Over Your Ex

A quick weekend romance read.

Georgia Stone decided to propose to her boyfriend on national radio. When her boyfriend declines then ends their relationship the station’s producer, Zander Rush is left to clean up the failed promotion. Thus ‘the year of Georgia’ is born. Although while Georgia is busy ‘rediscovering’ herself, Zander is discovering Georgia.

Was it good? Yes. Was it an easy, quick, fun little read? Yes. Was it fresh and contemporary? To a degree. Were the characters lovable and memorable? Nope. I pretty much forgot their names and occupations as soon as I put the book down.

It’s more of a guy-rejects-girl-girl-finds-herself-girls-helper/newly made friend-falls-in-love-with-said-girl kind of plot. There was no big secret, no tada moment, and the character development was almost nonexistent. To me it didn’t seem to fit into the Harlequin family.

If you like fluffy romances then this is the book for you.

Book Blurb for How To Get Over Your Ex

Valentines Day Survival Guide

Being rejected is one thing. Being rejected live on radio takes it to a whole new level!

After her on-air proposal is turned down by her commitmentphobe boyfriend, Georgia Stone must learn to survive singledom. Unfortunately, thanks to a clause in her contract, she has to do it under the watchful gaze of brooding radio producer Zander Rush.

And so begins the Year of Georgia! Lurching from salsa classes to spy school, Georgia discovers a taste for adventure. Her biggest thrill so far? Flirting with danger—aka the enigmatic Zander. But admitting she’s ready for more than just a fling…? Definitely Georgia’s scariest challenge yet!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2013 3.00