Death Comes to the Village

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Death Comes to the Village

A Kurland St. Mary Mystery

When Major Robert Kurland glimpses a shadowy figure from his bedroom window struggling with a heavy load, he enlists the help of his childhood friend, Miss Lucy Harrington, who is more than happy to aid in his investigation. However, soon things turn dangerous when someone tries to stop them from discovering the truth of what’s going on in this quiet little town.

So, I loved this book and I hated this book. Once in a blue moon, a novel will come along that both pleases and vexes the reader and this novel did exactly that to me.

I knew from the up and down start of the novel that this was going to be one that had me pulling my hair out but unable to put it down. I think the author needed to make sure that the main character of Lucy was just as strong as the character of Robert, and sadly I found some of Lucy’s parts to be very draggy especially when she goes into the domestic aspects of everyday life. Fortunately, there were plenty of times that Lucy shined and went above and beyond what was accepted of a lady in that era.

Even the mystery aspect of this book was a little slow to start. Having read other cozy mysteries, when the title is "Death Comes to a Village", I was expecting it to do so fairly quickly. I wasn’t expecting so much rambling about petty thefts and daily life. I wanted to know what was going on so I could start to piece together what was going on and get to the whodunit part.

What kept my interest was the banter between Robert and Lucy. And with this being set in the Regency era, I was completely shocked and pleased to see that Lucy and Robert were allowed to be alone together. However, if readers are looking for a HEA after the massive amount of attraction oozing between Robert and Lucy, you will be very disappointed.

To top it off, the book has a cliffhanger ending, which has me both cursing and anticipating the next book in the series.

Book Blurb for Death Comes to the Village

Major Robert Kurland has returned to the quiet vistas of his village home to recuperate from the horrors of Waterloo. However injured his body may be, his mind is as active as ever. Too active, perhaps. When he glimpses a shadowy figure from his bedroom window struggling with a heavy load, the tranquil facade of the village begins to loom sinister...Unable to forget the incident, Robert confides in his childhood friend, Miss Lucy Harrington. As the dutiful daughter of the widowed rector, following up on the major's suspicions offers a welcome diversion - but soon presents real danger. Someone is intent on stopping their investigation. And in a place where no one locks their doors, a series of thefts and the disappearance of two young serving girls demands explanation...As Robert grapples with his difficult recovery, he and Lucy try to unearth the dark truth lurking within the village shadows, and stop a killer waiting to strike again...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 3.50