A Christmas Accident

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After learning of her father’s dementia diagnoses, Sherri Wilder Davison wants to spend time with her father during the holidays. Although his wife is in her third trimester of her pregnancy and a blizzard is raging, her husband Adam agrees to take her home for Christmas.

When a car in front of them stops suddenly, Adam tries to break but the roads are too bad and he ends up flipping the car over the guardrail. Now he is a coma, which the doctor believes to be irreversible, but Sherri is hoping that a miracle can save them.

Told from Sherri’s pov, A Christmas Accident is short holiday novella. Although labeled as erotic, I found it to be on the lighter side of the genre.

The premise of the novella was something that could be expected of this type of novella and it was interesting, but it just didn’t click with me. There were no high points or low points of the plot, it kind of fell flat, which was a bit of a disappointment. And the sex-dream scene (the only sex scene in the novella) seemed completely out place.

Overall, while this was an exceedingly quick read, I don’t think that it was for me.

Book Blurb for A Christmas Accident

Expecting her first child, Sherri Wilder Davison wants nothing more than to spend time with her father over the holidays, but fate has a way of changing her best-laid plans.

Adam Davison is willing to do anything to make his pregnant wife happy. He will face hell to have her home for the holidays.

For Sherri and Adam, the holidays are a time of celebration and love, but this Christmas will be unlike any they have ever faced.

When a horrible blizzard causes an automobile accident that puts the lives of those Sherri loves on the line, can a Christmas miracle save them?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 3.00