Witch's Smoke: Aaron

Witch's Curse, #1

This is the first of a series of four awesome books involving four brothers, a young girl, her mother, a curse, and what it takes to remove a curse. If this intrigues you then Witch's Smoke is for you. I’m very much enjoying each of these tales and think you will as well. Pick-up this first book and get drawn into the redemption of these brothers. You won't want to just read one.

There are four brothers: Aaron, Breandon, Cian, and Donal. The four of them are good looking, strong, and sons of the lord. They rule their world with and can have any girl they want. The brothers set their sights on a girl whose mother just happens to be a witch. The girl becomes pregnant and the mother does not know who the father is, because the brothers took turns. As punishment, each brother is cursed. This begins each brother’s story.

The first is Aaron, he becomes smoke. In order to remove the curse he must do a completely selfless and good act for someone else. Once this happens the curse is lifted. Sounds easy, not really, considering the fact that it has been centuries. Along comes Asa, she takes a break at a beach house and she meets Aaron. He comes to her in her dreams and is slowly driving her crazy.

Can Asa survive Aaron's ministrations long enough to help them both find a love that is boundless and with the power to cancel a curse?

Book Blurb for Witch's Smoke: Aaron

Think how much fun it would be if you were a puff of smoke. If you were a naughty ten year old, you would look at your sister’s diary. If you were a teenage boy, you could drift into the girls’ locker room. If you were a man, wait, if you were a man who had been born centuries ago, and you and your brothers had done a thoughtless deed to a sweet young girl and had a curse put on you, well, drifting around as smoke could become something else.

It did not help if the witch who put the curse on you let you form a small part of your body now and then. You could talk, but that often scared people away, a voice from nowhere. You could produce a hand, maybe one foot, and, yep, that impressed people.

Then, after all the centuries of drifting with forest fires, and campfires, and wherever the wind sent you, there was a woman who closed her eyes and only smelled cinnamon and sandalwood. But you needed to do more than just pleasure her with a hand.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00