Witch's Moisture: Breandon

Witch's Curse, #2

This is the second in the Witch's Curse series. The story is excellent and intriguing as each brother finds their way to find a cure to the curse or to live with it. Make sure to start with book #1, Aaron. Once you start you will want to read them all. Jump on board for an exciting series.

There are four brothers: Aaron, Breandon, Cian, and Donal. The four of them are good looking, strong, and sons of the lord. They rule their world with and can have any girl they want. The brothers set their sights on a girl whose mother just happens to be a witch. The girl becomes pregnant and the mother does not know who the father is, because the brothers took turns. As punishment, each brother is cursed. This begins each brother’s story.

This is Breandon's story, he became moisture. Removal of the curse entails a completely selfless and good act involving another person. It has taken centuries and Breandon has found himself in a hotel as the residence's ghost. His ministrations have led to some interesting incidents. He decides to move on and finds himself in a commune where he meets Bethlyn. She is faces the possibility of marrying someone older than her (becoming another wife) or castration. Neither choice is appealing. Then she meets Breandon and he teaches her everything that she needs to survive on the outside world, so she can make her escape.

Can Breandon and Bethlyn find happiness together? Will it be enough to break his curse and bring Bethlyn the strength to leave and survive?

You have to find out!

Book Blurb for Witch's Moisture: Breandon

The mists that swirl within the highlands of Scotland give a different feeling to each person who sees them. Some find them relaxing and calming, as well as a tie to the past because the mists have been in these valleys longer than man can remember. To some, they were frightening, a reminder of ghosts and demons and those things that go bump in the night. To Breadon, they were what he was now made of; the curse of a witch had transferred him into Moisture until he performed a selfless deed. But since he could only speak, or form a hand, most of the time, he just scared people and floated with the wind and rain, waiting for his chance, waiting centuries for Bethlyn.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 5.00