When the Sun Sets

I just finished reading "When the Sun Sets", what a great book. This is a story about a love lost and then found again by chance. This story spans centuries, 300 to be exact. Through the centuries the reader finds that love in fact is the greatest healer. It may take time, but love can in fact conquer all. In this book love offers a moral compass, a will to survive, compassion, and most of all forgiveness. If you enjoy love conquering all as well as everything that comes with it, this is the story for you. All in all a wonderful book

Book Blurb for When the Sun Sets

Catherine Lancaster…aka Cat Luster, as her fans know her, is an erotic romance writer. Her creativity is fueled by a fantasy lover. It is thoughts of him that help her create one bestseller after another. She just wished she knew if he was a figment of her over active imagination or someone she knew in another lifetime. She discovers the truth when a dark and sinuously handsome stranger saves her life. Tobias promises her vampire love—the most erotic love of all.
Tobias Knight is a four hundred year old vampire who, while in the fight of his life against vampire hunters, discovers the Cat Luster of literary fame is Seraphina, the woman he loved and lost to death— centuries before. Now, once again, she is hunted by those who would see her dead, and Tobias must protect her at all costs. Even if it means giving up his own existence to save hers.
Love is the key but Tobias and Catherine must find a way to salvage their past lives and love, as well as forestall the promise of a grim future in When The Sun Sets.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00