Werewolf in the North Woods

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Werewolf in the North Woods

A Wild About You Novel

Abby comes to Portland to stand by her grandfather's claim that Bigfoot exists. Roarke comes to debunk the claim and ruin what's left of Abby's grandfather's reputation. They meet in a clash of wills during a conference where Roarke is the speaker. Abby discovers something about Roarke that gives her the leverage she needs to join him on his expedition in the wilderness on Grandpa Earl's property. Can she keep her explosive reaction to Roarke in check? Will they both go up in flames during their cross country trek in the wilderness? Read this book and find out.

I had a wonderful time reading this book. It kept me involved from beginning to end. This is by far one of the best books I've read that brings the Bigfoot myth to a whole new level. Bigfoot, werewolves, and hot, steamy sex oh my!

Book Blurb for Werewolf in the North Woods

Abby Maddox's grandfather insists he has seen Bigfoot in the woods behind his Portland, Oregon home. Now Grandpa Earl's wealthy neighbors have flown in a big-deal anthropology professor to discredit his story and make him the laughingstock of town. Abby suspects the nasty neighbors have ulterior motives, so she's determined to send the snooty professor packing.

That is, until she sees just how hot he is.

Roarke Wallace can't risk news of Bigfoot sightings drawings tourists to the woods. After all, he has a local Were pack to protect--which includes Earl's nosy neighbors. When he encounters Abby, the fiery red-head gets under his fur and sparks fly, arousing the suspicions of the desperate Weres. Can Roarke track Bigfoot, protect Abby, and save his fellow wolves from the spotlight? 

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 5.00