To Love a Cougar

Cougar Surrender, #2

To Love a Cougar is an excellent quick read. It is the second in the series, but the reader does not have to start with the first book to understand the storyline. I am absolutely enjoying Marisa's quickies.

Harley is in a lingerie store when she spies Blaise. To get his attention she decides to improvise with needing him to model and try on a thong. The rest becomes history. Their chemistry is phenomenal with just one little hiccup, Blaise is a cougar shifter on the hunt for his mate.

He sets his sight on Harley and she gave him just the excuse he needed to get to know her better. If she is his true mate, the eyes of his cougar pendant will glow. And once she places the pendant over her head, the bond snaps into place. The only problem will be convincing her that she is meant to be his.

While in the process of finding out if she is his mate or not, he also has find out why his father is sick and getting worse. Lucky for him Harley happens to be a lab technician. Together they must find out what his father's mysterious illness is, how he got sick in the first place, and a way to cure it, if possible. The answers to the questions are a lot closer than he might think.

Get started on this spicy PNR series and be swept away.

Book Blurb for To Love a Cougar

While shopping for lingerie, Harley finds something she can’t resist—sex on a stick in the men’s section. Intrigued and turned-on, she sets a plan in motion. If she can get him to size a thong for her to purchase as a gag gift, perhaps he might be willing to do other things for her too. Wicked things. Curl-her-toes things.

Cougar shifter Blaise is hunting—for human women, that is. His effort pays off in spades when he finds himself in the changing room with the beauty who captivated him the moment he saw her.

Their attraction is immediate, and it isn’t long before they’re burning up the sheets. But Harley soon finds herself embroiled in something she would never have imagined possible, with Blaise at the center of it. Despite what she may feel for him, it might not be enough to make her stay.

A Romantica® paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2014 5.00