The Lure of Song and Magic

What if you had a special gift that if used incorrectly could cause harm to anyone you directed it to? Pippa has found a way to keep her gift in check. She wasn't always Pippa, children story author. Once upon a time, she was the up and coming singer Syrene. Now she has been found, after a very public meltdown Syrene disappears from the world and Pippa emerges. This is all threatened when Oz comes to town. He comes with the premise of using her input on a new series based on the books she's written, but there is more to the story. His son has been missing for over a year and he has been following cryptic clues from someone he refers to as the "Librarian". The "Librarian" has pointed Oz in Pippa's location as someone who can help bring his son home. Pippa agrees to help on one condition; he has to help Pippa find her real family. It seems real easy, right. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Together Pippa and Oz must work together to find her family and his son, as well as deal with their growing feelings for each other.

This book was awesome. I love the premise of the magic that can happen if Pippa unleashes her voice. She definitely has the voice of a Siren. This book was thoroughly enjoyable to read. It is definitely a story that I will read over and over again. It will never grow old. The great thing about it is that you follow Oz and Pippa through their journey together to finally find family and love.

Book Blurb for The Lure of Song and Magic

Workaholic TV producer Dylan Ives believes former singing sensation Syrene Malcolm holds the clue to finding his kidnapped son. A lost child herself, Syrene cares about the missing boy even though Dylan's personality is nothing short of rude. But Syrene refuses to unleash her dangerous siren's voice, even for a man who is impossible to deny...

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 5.00