The Icon Thief

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The Icon Thief

What happens when you combine the Russian mob with the art world? You get a great adventure with a variety of twists of turns that keep the reader guessing all the way to the amazing conclusion. Sit back and enjoy the ride, it will keep the reader on their toes.

Maddy's assignment was simple go to an auction and pick up a rare painting with a 7 million dollar price cap. Unfortunately things are not that simple. The painting ends up being purchased for a whopping 11 million price tag from an unknown buyer, making Maddy's life quite a bit more complicated. Now she has to track down the buyer to figure out why he was willing to spend such a huge amount of money for a painting that wasn't worth half that. Not to mention the fact that the mob wants the painting as well. It manages to get stolen from the buyer to add another twist in the mix.

This book was awesome. It made for a very interesting and enjoyable ride. I loved the action, mystery, suspense, twists in the plot that kept me guessing through the whole book.

Book Blurb for The Icon Thief

controversial masterpiece resurfaces in Budapest. A ballerina’s headless corpse is found beneath the boardwalk at Brighton Beach. And New York’s Russian mafia is about to collide with the equally ruthless art world…

Maddy Blume, an ambitious young art buyer for a Manhattan hedge fund, is desperate to track down a priceless painting by Marcel Duchamp, the most influential artist of the twentieth century.

The discovery of a woman’s decapitated body thrusts criminal investigator Alan Powell into a search for the same painting, a study for Duchamp’s Étant Donnés, with its enigmatic image of a headless nude.

And a Russian thief and assassin known as the Scythian must steal the painting first to save his reputation—and his life.

The murderous race is on. And in the lead is an insidious secret society intent on reclaiming the painting for reasons of its own—and by any means necessary…

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.75